The Treasures of Lisboa Food Tour has been recognized as “the best food tour in Lisbon” by an independent site.  

Based on several criteria including: the number of stops, the number of tastings, the local guide, the authenticity, the quality of the products, the cancellation conditions, the price to name a few .

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  • treasures of lisboa food tours in lisbon - group at mirador
  • treasures of lisboa food tours in lisbon - guide and pastry shop owner hug
  • treasures of lisboa food tours in lisbon - Ruthy serving pasteis de nata
  • treasures of lisboa food tours in lisbon - owners Ruthy and Marcio
  • treasures of lisboa food tours in lisbon - pastel de bacalhau with lemon
  • treasures of lisboa food tours in lisbon - group cheering with wine
  • treasures of lisboa food tours in lisbon - group eating cheese
  • treasures of lisboa food tours in lisbon - group cheering
  • treasures of lisboa food tours in lisbon - ruthy grilling sausage

Treasures of Lisboa Food Tours won the first place, among no less than 19 food tours in Lisbon.

“There couldn’t be anything more Portuguese; eating this iconic pastry while overlooking one of the best views in Lisbon.”

Why was Treasures of Lisboa voted the best food tour in Lisbon?

Blown away by the quality of the products served, the authenticity ofhe visited places and the friendliness of the guide, the site did not hesitate long before to award the Gold medal. And for good reason! Treasures of Lisboa is a pioneer in the non-use of plastic during tourist activities in Lisbon and favors small family restaurants to support local businesses. A point that makes the difference today … for tomorrow.

The Treasures of Lisboa team, passionate locals

“In addition to  keeping us engaged with fun facts and questions, Marianna was a wealth of knowledge, providing answers to our questions including her favorite restaurant in Lisbon”

Because it is unthinkable to be a good gastronomic guide in Lisbon without being passionate, both by the city and by Portuguese food, the guides of Treasures of Lisboa are ready to share with tourists from all over the world the wonders that Portugal has to offer, leading them through a labyrinth of winding alleys that are full of hidden treasures.

Who are the founders of Treasures of Lisboa Food Tours?

If you book a food tour with Treasures of Lisboa, you might meet its founders Ruthy and Marcio! Read the story of how they met and the creation of their company Treasures of Lisboa Food Tours 

To view the full ranking https: //www.foodtour. co / lisbon

To consult the review of the site (in English)

If you are planning a trip to the beautiful city of Lisbon, you are probably wondering how to get to Lisbon city center from the Lisbon Humberto Delgado International Airport. There are many options: metro, taxi, Uber, bus… choose one of the options below and have fun exploring!

Is it safe to travel to Portugal after the COVID19 pandemic?

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) created a Global Safety Stamp of Approval to Recognize Safe Travels Protocols….and guess which country received it first?

A gift certificate for our Food Tours in Lisbon

Is it someone’s birthday? Or is Santa coming to town pretty soon? There is always a good occasion to give a wonderful gift! Get your loved ones the most useful and unusual gift: a Food Tour in Lisbon!

The district of Belem is famous for one main thing: its famous Pasteleria Belem – where the Pasteis de Belem (Portuguese eggtarts) were invented.

Now if you’re not a big fan of sweets and desserts you’re probably thinking that you can skip that part of your trip, and not go to Belem. Don’t make that mistake! Some of the most beautiful monuments of Lisbon are in that district and trust us, you don’t want to miss them.

You’re addicted to coffee? In the morning, in the afternoon… basically anytime during the day you wouldn’t refuse a nice hot cup o’joe? Same here! And now we’re thinking, since we love coffee so much, we might as well savor it in a place worth seeing.

Lisbon is a city built on 7 hills and, as such, it offers wonderful viewpoints called “Miradouros”. Treasures of Lisboa Food Tours has selected for you the 5 most beautiful viewpoints, and believe us … they are breathtaking!

Ever wondered what the 5 best rooftop bars in Lisbon are ? Of course you have! Because Lisbon seen from above is priceless. Seeing the contrast between the bright blue sky and the typical ocher color of the city’s roofs is a real treat for the eyes.

So what’s better than to enjoy this show with a glass in your hand? Check out our Lisbon’s best rooftop bars list.

So, “Pasteis de Nata” or “Pasteis de Belem”, “eggtarts” you are lost in translation? Let us explain you everything about these delicacies that you can taste during our gourmet Food Tours in Lisbon.

A Food Tour is an experience that combines the cultural and gastronomic discovery of a city, a region, or a country.

The concept is simple: a local guide will make you taste typical Portuguese dishes in different restaurants, bars or unusual places in Lisbon while sharing with you his knowledge about the history of the places visited. Simply Better than a simple walking tour in Lisbon!