O padrao dos descubrimentos to discover on the best food tour in Lisbon

The district of Belem is famous for one main thing: its famous Pasteleria Belem – where the Pasteis de Belem (Portuguese eggtarts) were invented.

Now if you’re not a big fan of sweets and desserts you’re probably thinking that you can skip that part of your trip, and not go to Belem. Don’t make that mistake! Some of the most beautiful monuments of Lisbon are in that district and trust us, you don’t want to miss them.

Top 5 things to do in Belem, Lisbon :

The district of Belem seems pretty far from the city center of Lisbon if you take a look at a map of the city, but it’s actually very close! From the Train Station Cais do Sodré, it’ll take you 7 minuts to reach Belem. Then, all the main attractions described below are at walking distance, so even if you’re not quite the walker, you’re good to go!

1. The Tower of Belem / A Torre de Belem

The most iconic building of Portugal. It’s small & cute and with its romantic architecture, it looks like it comes from a children book. You can even get inside of it, but we wouldn’t really recommend you to do so, as there is not much to see on there. Oh and of course, the Tower of Belem is classified as a World Heritage monument.

More information about the Tower of Belem: Get it here.

2. The Monument to the Discoveries / O Padrão dos descubrimentos

That’s a unique opportunity to see a monument representing not 1, not 2, but 33 persons who contributed to the big discoveries that Portugal has made over time. Little bonus: you can climb on top of it and have a stunning 360° view over the district of Belem and the Tagus river.

More information about the Monument to the Discoveries: Get it here.

3. The Jeronimo Monastery /  O Mosteiro dos Jerónimos

Considered as World Heritage by the UNESCO, the Monastery has an amazing architecture both on the inside & the outside. Even though it dates back to the XVth century, it looks brand new! It has been amazingly restored.

More information about the Jeronimo Monastery: Get it here.

4. The Pastry Shop of Belem / A Fàbrica dos Pasteis de Belem

Well known all over the world for being the very first pastry shop to sell the famous “ Pasteis de Belem” – the Portuguese eggtarts – this pastry shop opened in 1837 & has had a huge success ever since.  Nowadays, A pasteleria Belem sells approximately 20 000 Pasteis de Belem per day!

More information about the Pasteleria Belem: Get it here.

5. The Botanical garden of Belem / Jardim Botanico de Belem

Nature lovers, this information is for you! Not so far from the Jeronimo Monastery hides the great Botanical garden of Belem. An enchanting garden covering 10 acres & gathering  the largest collections of subtropical vegetation in Europe. 18 000 species from all over the world! Don’t Miss it.

More information about the Botanical garden of Belem: Get it here.

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