Ruthy & Marcio

Founders of Treasures of Lisboa Food Tours
Founders of Treasures of Lisboa Online Gourmet Shop

Treasures of Lisboa started as a food tour company in Lisbon, built from scratch by Ruthy & Marcio, young entrepreneurs who decided to leave their work-in-an-office-all-day life in Paris for adventures in Lisbon.

Marcio is Portuguese, born in the stunning mountains of Portugal. Ruthy is French, born and raised in the big city of Paris. When they meet in Paris, their lives change: they share the same vision of the world, they adore good food, they both love nature. It’s a perfect match. Marcio takes Ruthy on several trips to Portugal to make her discover his beautiful country, North to South. Quickly, Ruthy falls in love with Portugal – how could you not – and, after 8 years of relationship, she suggests to leave France for the sun of Lisbon, even though they only visited this city once for 3days.

That’s how their adventure starts! Marcio quits his job, Ruthy hands her resignation letter dressed as a Dragon, because why not. In 2016 they head off to Portugal with one idea in mind: sharing their love of Food and Portugal; combine both and you get one of the best Food Tour ever created in Lisbon: Treasures of Lisboa Food Tours.


“Simply Amazing”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Amazing food and a good variety You will be well fed with decent portions of the food you try. Ruthy was so passionate about the food, Portugal and getting to know her guests. Highly recommend.

Emma, Nov 2020

“Loved it”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

We left absolutely stuffed but had an incredible time. Ended up eating at restaurants we probably wouldn’t have found on our own which only added to the overall experience. Strongly recommend.

David, Nov 2020

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